Five Tips for Self Control During the Holidays

tips for self control during the holidays

tips for self control during the holidays

Five Tips for Self Control During the Holidays 

Hey guys! The holidays are approaching and I am so excited, time is flying. I love the holidays because it’s a great time to test recipes, to bake, see family, celebrate what you’re thankful for, and continue or make new traditions. A new tradition we can all use this year using these five tips for self-control during the holidays.

We all know the holidays are a whirlwind of events, baked goods, and really food galore. It’s easy to be steered away from your regular healthy eating habits.

That is why I came up with these easy five tips to help keep you in check!

  1. Bring a healthy side dish or dessert

Bringing your own healthy side dish or dessert is a great way to be able to indulge without being judged. When I was vegan I would bring my own vegan cheesecake or vegan pumpkin pie, this way I could enjoy dessert without worrying about the ingredients. Plus, it’s also a big help to the hostess to bring a side dish or dessert.

  1. Moderation

Try to balance what you eat, and focus any on protein‘s or vegetables first. If you’re having alcohol, maybe skip on the bread.

If you find yourself stuffed after leaving an event or party, it’s okay.

We all have days where we ate a little too much or ate things that are delicious but maybe not that healthy. Tomorrow is a new day, brush yourself off…it will be ok.

  1. Don’t Starve yourself before a big meal

This is huge and something I read in Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel, if you know you have a big dinner event later do not starve yourself all day to “make room” for this event. This is a recipe for disaster, you’ve been starving all day putting your body into starvation mode, and once you start eating you’re likely to consume more than you planned. Keep yourself in check, be good to your body and stay in control.

  1. Get your cardio in

This is a great way to sweat out any toxins from alcohol or holiday baked goods. Working out for me has always gone hand in hand with eating healthy, this may help you make better decisions once you’ve arrived at the Holiday party.

  1. Give leftovers to guests to take home

Giving away the leftovers avoids the temptation of snacking after guests leave or eating unhealthy foods the next day. It will also alleviate any guilt you have about letting food go to waste.

There you have it! Five easy tips on: how to stay in control during the holidays. What are some secrets you have to staying healthy? Let’s chat in the comments.

xo Cat


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