Start Being Brave: 5 Life Changing Tips

Start Being Brave: 5 Life Changing Tips

Hey Guys! I think a lot of us spend time worrying too much about what other people think or how we are perceived. What if we started walking to the beat of our own drums? There is a saying, “You have the right to your opinion, and I have the right to ignore it”. If we were BRAVE enough to listen to criticism with a  GRAIN of salt and stay focused on things that TRULY matter, I think we would all live of a life of PURPOSE. So, I want to see you be BRAVE (cue Sara Bareilles), here are my Start Being Brave: 5 Life Changing Tips.


  1. Asking for Help

It takes courage to ask someone for help even when your ego is begging you not to. We all need help but we sometimes forget to ask because we think we can take it on.  It is OKAY to accept help and be vulnerable. It is healthy, do not feel ashamed. Whether it is at work doing a project or help with your kids. Be brave enough to ask.

  1. When you Stick up for Someone Who is Being Picked on

It is hard to go against the crowd even when you KNOW it is right. We have all felt like the outsider or like we haven’t fit in. Be the one who reaches out to the new girl in the office or sticks up for someone who is afraid to speak up. If you are the one who is being picked on, don’t take it to heart, a lot of times people deflect their own insecurities onto you. Listen with a grain of salt and stay true to yourself.

Staying True to Yourself with Positive Thinking

Staying True to Yourself with Positive Thinking


  1. When you Give Yourself a Compliment

It is very easy to be hard on yourself and nitpick at things you don’t like. What if you were kind to yourself instead? We often shake off compliments when they are given, either not believing them or brushing them off. What if we truly accepted these compliments and let them into our hearts. What you believe and choose to affect you has a powerful impact, let encouragement into your life and be kind to yourself.

Facing a Fear of Heights

Facing a Fear of Heights

  1. Face a Fear

What is something you’ve always wanted to do but you let your doubts get in the way? When you face a fear you’re allowing yourself to break out of your comfort zone and overcome a mental barrier. The only thing holding you back from accomplishing a goal or what’s truly in your heart is YOU yourself. So go for it. Whatever you’ve set your sights on. Just take the plunge.


  1. Follow Your Heart

We all have a specific life path and destiny paved out for us to achieve. Will you follow the gifts god has placed into your heart? Or, will you cave under uncertainty? I believe we go through pitfalls in life to be taught lessons and to better understand ourselves. We all have unique gifts we can offer the world. If you believe you have a voice that needs to be heard then start pursuing that path. It would be a great burden to look back at your life with regrets.


What are some ways you’re brave in everyday life? Leave it in the comments.

Xo Cat




  1. W.E. Cado
    May 11, 2018 / 1:13 am

    Hhmmm brave in my everyday life…. I guess by saying yes to challenges that will help me grow and acting like a boss lady even when I’m filled with self doubt

    • catmarchetta
      May 12, 2018 / 5:58 pm

      You’re a Rockstar incognito W.E. Cado. Once you can push through the self doubt and break that barrier you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish, even though you’ve accomplished so much already. <3 xo

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