Lessons I learned from my Mother

 Lessons I learned from my Mother

Hey Guys! This time of year always has me thinking about memories with my mom and the lessons I learned from her, with the time we had together. Today would have been my Mom’s 61st birthday so I thought I would celebrate and remember her in a post about lessons I learned from my Mother.

Truthfully, it wasn’t until recently that I learned to not be overwhelmingly sad as these things (birthdays or anniversaries) come to pass. My Mom and I were born in the same month, only three days apart, and I always struggled celebrating mine so quickly after. With most birthdays ending in tears in my adolescent years.

As I grew older I learned to appreciate our birthdays being so close. If you know me, you know I love astrology and I believe my Mom and I are very similar because we share the same sign. While I grow through my grief and relearn who I really truly am, I realize I do live by these lessons and they have impacted who I am meant to be.

Motherly Insights

Motherly Insights

  1. Stay Positive and Enjoy Life

My Mom always had a positive outlook on life she would say, “No negativity in this household”. Her spirits were always high, even when she was going through treatment.

I remember driving with her in the car passing a construction crew, who were giving her attention, she proceeded to take her wig off and stick her tongue out as we drove past.

Besides making light out of situations, she made sure my sister and I were always playing with friends or going on adventures and not taking life too seriously but enjoying it instead.

  1. Value Relationships and Find Meaning in Conversations

It was no secret my Mom was extremely extroverted and a social butterfly, she had the ability to talk to anyone and truly befriend them.

I believe she had so many friends because she had a gift of making people feel they were truly valued and she really listened to what they were saying.

She always made time for those she held near and dear to her heart. This included having old friends visit for the weekend with their children, making pancakes and flipping them onto our plates and making memories. She taught me how to keep and value friendships.

  1. Forgive and Forget

If there was ever a mantra my mother would be known for, “forgive and forget” would be it. My mom loved my sister and me unconditionally and she knew to teach us that the best kind of revenge is love. She, like most parents, was still learning and growing through life.

After many hardships I think she learned the importance of forgiveness and knew this had to be taught.

I strive to remember this and live a life of purpose without animosity.

There you have it, three lessons to live your life by!

What did your Mother teach you that you use daily? Leave it in the comments.

xo Cat



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